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Company news

  Fly and win a GoPro: a giveaway for proflyers has started

150 minutes and a GoPro camera – these are the presents for the proflyers who will purchase an hour or more of tunnel time. A giveaway has already started in wind tunnel FlyStation St. Petersburg. Several winners will be selected! 

If you want to take part, just click this link and fill the application…

  Rusdial before Mondial: the World Championship will be rehearsed on "Tanay"

Russian Parachuting Championship 2019 is going to be the biggest in the history of the country, as the organizers promise. They are expecting a record number of competitors to attend the event. The registration has already begun and will be open till the 30th of June on the official website

"This Championship is the biggest because it includes all…

  FlyStation athletes in team Russia in the World Championship

Seven of Russian teams are going to represent Flystation St. Petersburg in the World Indoor Skydiving Championship 2019. It means that the best athletes of our country work and train in our wind tunnel. So who of FlyStation athletes are going to compete? Read about all of our teams who will take part in the main indoor skydiving competition of the year. 

1. Shadows of FlyStation

  90 minutes for free: how to get more tunnel time for the same money

Wanna get 90 tunnel minutes for free? Then take it! We have a new special offer for proflyers in FlyStation St. Petersburg: additional time for everyone, who purchases 10 hour package. To get this bonus you need to order and pay a time package in the period from the 18th of March till the 18th of April, and then book it in the period from the 1st of June till the 31st of…

  Trinity in the air and the main triumphants: which of the FlyStation athletes has amazed us in the Russian Cup 2019

11 medals have been won by FlyStation athletes in the Russian Indoor Skydiving Contenders Cup 2019: there are 3 gold, 4 silver and 4 bronze medals. The whole podium in D2W and D4W was taken by FlyStation teams - they left no chances to their rivals.   

This competion was a triumpf for Diana Parmanina and Andrey Karabeshkin from the Shadows of FlyStation team. They flew most…

  19 FlyStation athletes will fight for the medals in the Russian Cup 2019

The Russian Indoor Skydiving Contenders Cup will take place in St. Petersburg for the second year in a row. Our wind tunnel is going to welcome the athletes from 6th to 8th February. This year's competition is organized by the Federation of Parachuting of Russia, not by FlyStation.

12 teams and 19 athletes from FlyStation are taking part in the…

  New achievements, the third tunnel in the family and the hundreds of awarded minutes – the 2018-year’s results from FlyStation

The year 2018 was full of events for FlyStation St. Petersburg. It was challenging and very interesting. At the end of December we traditionally tell you about the most important events of the year - the year’s results of FlyStation.

1. The mega championship
In 2018 we held the Russian Indoor Skydiving Championships in…

  A chance to win 105 minutes at 6-year anniversary of FlyStation St. Petersburg

Proflyers and those who are just going to enter the sport: FlyStation St. Petersburg gives you an opportunity to win 105 minutes of tunnel time. On the 1st of December the wind tunnel celebrates the 6th anniversary. That day our GIVEAWAY has started. 

"We like making presents, we are all about that", - Business Development manager of FlyStation…

  I am out of shape – the instructor speaks about the results of a new skill assessment test in FlyStation

There is a new examination format of instructors in the wind tunnel FlyStation, it is an assessment test of flight techniques. If an instuructor fails it, he won’t be allowed to work! This examination was proposed by the FlyStation CEO Oleg Parmanin and the chief instructor Dmitry Lednev. They decided to do it because instructors must not only fly themselves but also teach others.        


  The silver medal, dynamic replacement and change of image in Freestyle - Russian team at the World Cup

Vertical FlyStation team got a silver medal at the 3rd World Cup of Indoor Skydiving. Russian athletes struggled to the bitter end with Americans from the SDC Core. This is a legendary team and a heavy favorite of the VFS 4-way Open. It was a hot contest and in round 4, ours were able to outflank a rival and gain more points, and in the round 8 and 10 they showed the same number of figures. But still…