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Company news

  FlyStation St. Petersburg rates reduction

Our rates have become more budget-friendly since October, 1st. FlyStation St. Petersburg has reduced its rates for the athletes from abroad. The decrease in prices is 13% - 23%! And now it is one of the best wind tunnel offers not only in Europe but in the world.

For example, one hour of tunnel time at our night rate (from 00:00 to 9:00) costs 270 EUR instead…

  Taxi with a discount or how FlyStation helps its guests to get to the wind tunnel

FlyStation has a new partner now. It's “Petersburg Taxi 068”. All the guests can use a special discount to reach the wind tunnel. There’s nothing easier then saying the word “FlyStation” when calling to a taxi dispatcher and getting a 10% discount for that.

“We understand, that our wind tunnel is not located in the city centre, that’s why we want to make your way to us extremely comfortable", - said FlyStation…

  The flight of the crane, a luminescent suit and a ceremonial ribbon-cutting: the opening of the new FlyStation Japan

FlyStation Japan is now officially open, following an hour-long opening ceremony. A symbolic ribbon was cut in five places simultaneously by chairman of the Board FlyStation Group Aleksandr Ivoninskiy, chief executive officer FlyStation Group Ruslan Romanenko, CEO Tunnel Technologies Svyatoslav Lisin,…

  Photographer Marat Daminov on creative depression, unpaid photo shoots and being his own worst critic

Marat Daminov, Photographer

Known to friends as: Maratik

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Favourite place on Earth: Bali

Love or career: love

Flat or country house: country house

Most important piece of advice received: be honest with yourself


  FlyStation set to open in Tokyo: the secrets behind the new facility and the Japanese people’s eagerness to fly

A FlyStation indoor skydiving facility is due to open in Japan on April 14. The date of the grand opening ceremony has been confirmed by the directors of FlyStation. There will be a special demo performance by a group of Russian flyers, including an act by a young student from FlyStation’s St. Petersburg facility. After the official opening, the facility will begin welcoming its first visitors.…

  The first competition of Russian Indoor Skydiving Nationals is moved to April 22nd-23rd

The dates of Russian Indoor Skydiving Nationals and FlyStation Cup have changed. The first competition will be held a week later — on April 22nd-23rd instead of April 15th -16th. The second part of the competition stays as planned - on May 13th-14th. 

"One of the reasons for moving the dates is the decisions and sporting events planning of the National Skydiving Federation…

  Registration for the World Championship qualification is open in Russia

Registration for Russian Indoor Skydiving Nationals and FlyStation Cup is now open. If you'd like to participate, please, go to the official competition page and fill up the entry form. Then you can pay the registration fee - 5000 rubles for one discipline. If you plan to compete in more, than one discipline, you will pay 4000 rubles for the second (third e.t.c.) one. Just send an e-mail to

  The organizers set up the dates for Russian Indoor Skydiving Nationals and FlyStation Cup

The organizers finally set up the dates for the upcoming Russian Indoor Skydiving Nationals and FlyStation Cup. This competition will take place in St.Petersburg's wind tunnel FlyStation in 15-16 of April and in 13-14 of May. During this days we will welcome the strongest competitors from all over the country.

"This competition is the annual tradition…

  FlyStation team won a silver medal in FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving

 The Russians became the second in VFS Open. This is one of the seven disciplines of FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving. Our team consists of Dmitry Lednev, Dmitry Belyaev, Maxim Rudenko and Valery Konnov. All of them have the great experience in wind tunnels.

FlyStation team showed excellent program during the competitions. From the first day our athletes held…

  Leonid Volkov, talented pro-flyer from FlyStation team, became the second at the WCIS2016

Russian athlete Leonid Volkov took second place in the 2nd FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving. He won a silver medal in FreeStyle Open discipline. After 7 rounds Leonid got 62.4 points, just 0,1 less than the winner, Inka Tiitto from Finland.

Leo started to fly in the tunnel 4 years ago. During this time he has achieved excellent results! Now he is not only the instructor for first timers, but also a professional…