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Company news

  White Nights Dynamic wind tunnel tournament comes to St. Petersburg, Russia, June 11-13

white nightsDynamic 4way and Flystation Wind tunnel organize a dynamic flying competition for the top international wind tunnel flyers in the world. Teams of 2 and 4 will compete over championship.

Following a creative burst, sparked by a group of flying individuals around the world, D4W is currently being developed as a new discipline within skydiving and wind tunnel flying. D4W can best be…

  Big day for little flyers and their results.

SUPERMANAnd here came down to Earth our little supermen. On 4th of April 23 very talented little flyers showed us, what they  were made of in the kids windtunnel competition «I AM SUPERMAN!» It was a very serious air battle at  FlyStation. Even the smallest ones were competing with a lot of passion! We would like to pay the special attention to 6 years old Timofei Ivanov, who was invincible in his group.  He wasn’t just not afraid to compete with older…

  Changes in tariffs


Dear sport flyers! We'd like to inform you, that our tunnel time prices will change from the 1st of May.
Please, note we will have only two tariffs - "standart" and "prime time". If you have already purchased "night" time, then you can use it even after 1st of May. If you just booked your time, but didn't pay for it, then all this time will be automatically recalculated to the "standart" tariff.



  RUSSIA, we cheer for you!

The 123-days long National Olimpic Torch Relay is on its home straight now.

Flystation windtunnel hosted the Olimpic Flame on its way to Sochi... And now, just before the Olympics start, we are ready to show you this memorable moment !

The Olympic Games in Sochi will be opened on 7th of February, and will go on till 23rd of February.

Flystation SPb is cheering up for Russian…

  FlyStation on the Russian championship!

Wind tunnel FlyStation presented one more team on the Russian championship of the relative work 2013. Saint-Petersburg team win gold medal for the brilliant appearance in 2way* discipline and silver medal in a 4way** discipline.

*Team consist of 2 performers who are building figures and making points in the sky using only horizontal plane, flying on the bally.

**Team consist of 4 performers who are building figures…

  Bronze medal is ours!

We have great news! Only a short time ago FlyStation team win the third place on the Russian championship of the relative work 2013 appearing in the vfs 4way discipline*. The National competitions took place on the drop zone “Aerograd Kolomna”.

***Team consist of 4 performers who are building figures and making points using tree dementions.

  "FlyStation team" in Norway

The extreme sport week in Norway thrust itself forward as it is for the first time Russia taking part in the world championship "Voss Valhalla" in tunnel flying event. Team from Saint-Petersburg "FlyStation team" is the only one who represents our country in the "dynamic 4 way"*. The World Cup is running every year since 1998 as a part of the most influential festival of music and sports…

  Tourists from all over the world will come to the wind tunnel FlyStation

White nights are the symbol of Saint-Petersburg. Lots of tourists are coming to the city at this amazing time to see the beauty of historic palaces, cathedrals, monuments and open bridges, to take a boat trip on rivers and canals not only at day time but at night as well. This romantic time is famous also with lots of holidays, events and festivals and just at this magic nights, when city is enshrouded in fog, FlyStation…

  Father of FreeFly

Olav Zipser

Olav Zipser  - a founder of a new type of skydiving came to Saint-Petersburg to the wind tunnel FlyStation to show master class for the Russian and Venezuelan  students. Zipser started the FreeFly movement in the late 1980s when he began experimenting with non-traditional forms of body flight. Freeflying is an expansion of skydiving which includes back…

  The Veteran of Great Patriotic War flying in FlyStation.

On the 9th of May , The Victory Day, there was the first flight of the 81 years old veteran Elena Pavlovna. FlyStation invited her and her grandchildren to have a fight, and she showed everybody her power and heroism once again.
- Since early childhood I was a very active girl: I went in for artistic gymnastics, climbed to the roofs with my brother, took part in the great parade…