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  • 19 FlyStation athletes will fight for the medals in the Russian Cup 2019

19 FlyStation athletes will fight for the medals in the Russian Cup 2019

The Russian Indoor Skydiving Contenders Cup will take place in St. Petersburg for the second year in a row. Our wind tunnel is going to welcome the athletes from 6th to 8th February. This year's competition is organized by the Federation of Parachuting of Russia, not by FlyStation.

12 teams and 19 athletes from FlyStation are taking part in the Russian Indoor Skydiving Contenders Cup. We tell you about all of them! 

Vertical FlyStation (VFS 4-way)Dmitry Lednev, Maxim Rudenko, Nikita Panov, Valery Konnov, Alexander Parmanin. This team was created in 2013. The athletes have already proved that they can do a lot. They became Russian Champions many times, both in tunnel and in the sky. The team also won the European Championship and set a new European record of 54 points in a round last April.  

Phoenix (VFS 4-way) – Alexander Drogaltsov, Pavel Yuryan, Dmitry Panov, Andrey Karabeshkin. This team started flying in 2016. Every athlete on this team is a very skilled flyer. These guys won a bronze medal in Russian Championship 2018. This year the team has a change: Andrey Karabeshkin has replaced Boris Gaikovich.

Shadows of FlyStation (D2W) – Diana Parmanina, Andrey Karabeshkin. This team is very young: it was created in 2018. Diana has already been a Russian champion and fought for medals in the World Cups and Championships but in another line-up. Andrey doesn't have a lot of competition experience in D2W yet, but he is aiming for good results. He trains a lot and improves his skills systematically. 

FlyStation Mix (D2W) – Nikita Panov, Evgenii Merkulov. This team has been created recently. Both athletes have an experience in competitions. Nikita has been flyingin both D4W and D2W disciplines. In 2018, he got a gold medal in the European Championship in VFS 4-way. Evgenii has competed in FS 2-way discipline before. He became a Russian Champion among juniors in 2017. By the way, his goal is to win an Olympic medal one day.


Kings of the Sky (D2W) – Iliya Tsarik, Nikita Tsarik. The team is training and competing since 2015. The athletes are brothers andthey understand each other without words. They have already competed for the team Russia at the World Cup in Bahrain and at the Sakura Cup tournament in Japan. Iliya became the youngest competitor of the Russian Cup 2017 and his team won a silver medal in that competition.  

Kings of the Sky (D4W) – Oleg Parmanin, Alexander Drogaltsov, Iliya Tsarik, Nikita Tsarik. Everyone on this team comes with a lot of D2W experience. Oleg is holding a title of the Russian champion for several years in a row. Alexander and Iliya are silver prize winners of 2018. Nikita has already competed in national and international competitions. Now these athletes got together to enter a D4W discipline.

Olga Bakulina (Freestyle) – she has been flying since 2014. We have seen her skills on many major competitions not only in our country, but also abroad. She is the current champion of Russia. In2017, Olga got the first place in Ekstremsportveko (Norway) international competition. Now she teaches students all over the world.  

Andrey Lementar (Freestyle) – he takes part in the main Russian wind tunnel competition for the second time after a break. He became the third in St. Petersburg Championship in 2018. Now he is very determined to improve his results. Andrey is always in a good mood and never fails to create a real show even when time is not on his side. 

Andrey Karabeshkin (Freestyle) – this is his second Russian Championship. Last year he couldn’t get onto the podium. Now Andrey is planning to make a come back with some new skills and tricks in his arsenal. It was a hard decision for Andrey to enter in Freestyle, as he has always preferred D2W. Therefore, he combines two disciplines now.   

Leonid Shtivel (Freestyle Junior)  he has been training since 2014. He is the current Russian champion. Despite his age, the athlete has already competed not only in Russia but also in the World Championship in Canada and in World Cup in Bahrain. The public admires his style and high-skilled flying program. 

Mariya Filippova (Freestyle Junior)  she has been training a lot and performing in competitions for more than three years. This year Mariya has decided to give it a go in Freestyle. She has been competing in FS 2-way Junior before. She got a gold medal in the Russian Championship 2017. 

FlyStation believes in every athlete and wishes everyone a very best of luck in the upcoming Russian Indoor Skydiving Contenders Cup 2019.