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  • FlyStation athletes in team Russia in the World Championship

FlyStation athletes in team Russia in the World Championship

Seven of Russian teams are going to represent Flystation St. Petersburg in the World Indoor Skydiving Championship 2019. It means that the best athletes of our country work and train in our wind tunnel. So who of FlyStation athletes are going to compete? Read about all of our teams who will take part in the main indoor skydiving competition of the year. 

1. Shadows of FlyStation
Discipline: D2W
Athletes: Diana Parmanina, Andrey Karabeshkin
This team is spectator’s favorite, although they have been training together for about a year only. What is their secret? These athletes make a good team; they stand by one another and understand each other during a completion. If one of them makes a mistake, the second one adjusts quickly. That is how they keep the flow and make their routines look smooth. These guys have been recently noticed by entertainment industry and were invited to perform in Swanky Tunes’ Supersonic video

2. Kings of the Sky
Discipline: D2W
Athletes: Iliya Tcarik, Nikita Tcarik 
These athletes are a real phenomenon. They had a great progress in the last couple of years – from just trying out dynamic flying to leading the Russian Nationals. Tcarik brothers won a silver medal by beating more experienced opponents in 2019. It was possible because of their dedication and very consistent training. The hard work pays off and leads to such a result. Now Kings of the Sky are going to fight at the world competition.


3. FlyStation
Discipline: D4W
Athletes: Oleg Parmanin, Diana Parmanina, Alexander Drogaltsov, Andrey Karabeshkin
This is exactly what happens, when four very eager D2W flyers meet: they form a 4-way team, get a medal on the Nationals and a right to represent a country on the Worlds. Long story short - Oleg has been competing in D2W with Diana, now Diana is competing with Andrey, and Alexander has been flying with Oleg in many competitions before. And now they join forces in a 4-way team. All for one and one for all!

4. Vertical FlyStation
Discipline: VFS 4-way
Athletes: Dmitry Lednev, Maxim Rudenko, Nikita Panov, Velery Konnov, Alexander Parmanin 
This team has been the strongest VFS team in Russia for many years. They've been pretty unbeatable so some people are saying the competitions in Russia are missing the intrigue. This year as well Vertical FlyStation team got a gold medal at the Nationals. Now they are going to participate in the WICS 2019. They know what they’re fighting for: they were the second and won the silver medal in last years World Cup in Bahrain.

5. Olga Bakulina 
Discipline: Freestyle
Olga is one of the most technical athletes of Russia. Who else would make so much effort to combine so many difficult elements in one program: side-slides, head up sequences, multiple breakers and many signature moves just keep coming in different combinations! It's not just about including all of it into one routine, but performing it perfectly with a strong balance and smooth transitions. While show and music performance is definitely a part of the discipline, Olga is also putting a lot of focus on the technicality of the freestyle flow.


6. Leonid Shtivel 
Discipline: Freestyle
One of the people who inspired Leonid Shtivel to compete was the freestyle world champion Leonid Volkov, who was coaching him in the beginning of his career and had quite some influence on his flying. At the moment Leonid Shtivel doesn't have a regular coach, but he’s got the best choreographer Yulia Oko (Karaman) on his side. So Leonid Shtivel is well prepared and ready for new achievements. It will be his first time in Freestyle open discipline.


7. Matvey Silaev
DisciplineFreestyle Junior
Matvey proves that Russia has many talents and the competitions of the highest level are not the privilege of the flyers from Moscow or St. Petersburg only. He’s from Samara and his competitive career began in a small size wind tunnel in his native town. That has never prevented him from becoming one of the best junior athletes. Now Matvey Silaev is officially a member of the FlyStation team, and he is training in our wind tunnel.


The World Indoor Skydiving Championship 2019 will take part from the 16th till the 20th of April in Lille, France. The Russian team is the biggest one and represented in all disciplines. FlyStation wishes everyone to do his/her best and show a great result. We believe in you, we root for you and we love you!