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  • The silver medal, dynamic replacement and change of image in Freestyle - Russian team at the World Cup

The silver medal, dynamic replacement and change of image in Freestyle - Russian team at the World Cup

Vertical FlyStation team got a silver medal at the 3rd World Cup of Indoor Skydiving. Russian athletes struggled to the bitter end with Americans from the SDC Core. This is a legendary team and a heavy favorite of the VFS 4-way Open. It was a hot contest and in round 4, ours were able to outflank a rival and gain more points, and in the round 8 and 10 they showed the same number of figures. But still there was no way to send the opponent down.

"We were short of preciseness and obtained enough penalties" – Nikita Panov, the teammate confessed. – "But if you lose, you don’t lose the lesson. We’ll be back and we’ll take toll. Tremble, USA!"

Vertical FlyStation is a wide-known team not only in Russia. This April our guys have won the European Indoor Skydiving Championships. They were not only about to win the gold medal they also set a record – they made 54 figures in a round. Now the athletes’ new goal is to outflank the USA team at the next completions.  

This year the silver medal is the only prize of our team. The performance in FS 4-way Open of the IFS-Moscow team was also well-deserved. The athletes missed only one point to find themselves on the podium. Despite the seeming failure, general tendency is quite positive. From year to the next team Russia shows better and better results.

There were four competitors from Russia in Dynamic 2-way, but quantity was not enough. Perhaps, the results were influenced by the fact that the strongest 2-way team had fallen apart just before the start of the World cup – they were the FlyStation defending the Russian champion. They were siblings Oleg Parmanin and Diana Parmanina. After the Russian Championship, where they took the first place, Oleg had to take a decision to cut down on sport. Now he has another administrative responsibilities. He was appointed as a director of wind tunnel FlyStation.

As Diana wanted to participate in the World Cup, she found a new partner Andrey Karabeshkin. Together they created a new team Shadows of FlyStation.

"Both of us want to become the champions in Dynamic discipline and ready to work very hard", - said Andrey. – "In my opinion, Diana is the fastest proflyer of Russia. She has already proved that twice at the Nationals. We’ve been planning to fly together for a long time, but things did not come round as they were expected. This year we’ve finally came up with the decision to create the strongest team of Russia first and then of the World".

Andrey has never participated in World competitions, so that influenced his performance. In speed rounds he was much behind his partner. But all the same the team took the 11th place. This is the best result among Russians in this discipline. Diana Parmanina also looks on the bright side of the further team development in sport.  

"I think that we managed to achieve coordination in flying quickly enough", - she admitted. – "Anyway we have to work hard on synchrony and identity of stunt performing in free flying and on speed either. It’s different now, but everything is up! We’ve been training together for two months only. And we’ve never flew in such roster before!" 

"I’ll be honest with myself and with you, - added Andrey. – We failed in doing everything the way we wanted. We are displeased with ourselves, but this just points out that we must coach ourselves more. Because persistence always pays off!"

In meantime, Oleg Parmanin has still appeared at the World Cup. So why all the plans were changed? He was reasoned into going to the championship by his friend and ex-team partner Alexander Drogaltsov. They had been flying together since 2012 till 2016. They performed at the previous World Cup in Poland. The new team was named Kings of the Sky. As the decision was taken at the last moment, there wasn’t much time to prepare.

"We were not planning to take part in competitions together anymore, but we renewed our trainings together", - said Oleg Parmanin. – "It was very difficult to combine this with the work. At the World Cup we flew at speed 96 percent. This was the highest speed among all the crews for whom the wind tunnel in Bahrain wasn't a home-tunnel".

In Dynamic 2-way Kings of the Sky Junior team showed itself off. As there were no any junior in that discipline, 17-year-old Nikita Tcarik and 15-year-old Iliya Tcarik performed on one level with the adults. The young athletes had a tough time, but they showed all their abilities and took the 14th place.

But in Freestyle discipline Junior traditionally fought separately. There are 13 strongest athletes and 3 of them are Russian. The highest level belongs to Leonid Shtivel. He is the sixth. In the grand scheme of things Leonid has only 80 hours of tunnel time that makes very little in comparison with his opponents. His new image and intelligent program helped him to get high score from the jury. Thanks to the program Shtivel was able to show all his strong points. 

"The program became richer in contrast, combining rapid combinations of fliptwists and flips on the one hand and “frozen” holds and motions, showing Leonid’s mastery in wind holding on the other hand", - admitted his choreographer Yuliya Oko (Karaman). – "So in general, we stuck to our image that is courageous, neat, stylish and moderate. But we took in account that white suits look more decent. That is why we changed it by adding several lines, featuring the bodybuilt and making the look just unique". 

FlyStation is proud of all the athletes, who defended the honor of our country. Here are all the places gained by Russians at the 3rd World Cup of Indoor Skydiving.

VFS 4-way open:
2nd place - Vertical FlyStation
4th place - RVC

Freestyle Junior:
6th place – Leonid Shtivel
9th place - Matvey Silaev
11th place - Evelina Kaluguina

Dynamic 2-way:
11th place – Shadows of FlyStation;
12th place – Kings of the Sky;
13th place – Gravity Warriors;
14 th place – Kings of the Sky Junior.

FS 4-way Open:
4th place - IFS-Moscow
9th place - Russian Thunder
17th place - No limits

FS 4-way Female:
7th place - Zero G

Photos by Gravity Indoor Skydiving